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Plastic Materials We Work With.

Each year we process over 1000 different line items of raw material – different plastics, grades, thicknesses, colours and surface finishes. As members of the British Plastics Federation we aim to keep on top of developments in plastic materials and plastic processing technologies.

Virtually all Industrial Engineering Plastics Materials available today can be Machined and Fabricated at Advanced Plastic Technology. We offer customers a wealth of knowledge in the huge range of plastic materials in sheet, rod, fabricated and machined form.

If you are a Design Engineer and you are looking for advice on selecting a suitable plastic material, we can advise you quickly on the most appropriate plastic for your component or assembly. We are not tied to any one material manufacturer – we work with more than a dozen. As such, we can offer you impartial advice on the most suitable material for your needs.

We have not listed every grade and every trade name, so if you are unsure if we can process your chosen plastic, just give us a call.

Plastic Materials
Plastic Materials

Our plastic material experience encompasses a large range of plastic grades from the following plastic raw material types here are a few:

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

  • A rigid, hard wearing thermoplastic material.


  • Excellent mechanical strength, dimensional stability, a low coefficient of friction, very good chemical resistance.

Polyester (PET)

  • PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol) Engineering Plastics: Sheets have very good impact resistance, even at low temperatures, and approved for food contact applications.
  • Grades: PET, APET,
  • Common trade names:
    Polystone, Priplak, Mylar
  • Grades: LDPE, HDPE, HMWPE, UHMWPE, PE300, PE500, PE1000, recycled

Polysulphone (PSU)

  • Common trade names: Teflon
  • Very good resistance to low and high temperature (up to 260°C), with low flammability and low friction coefficient. Available in a variety of filled grades.

Acetal (POM)

  • Available in Copolymer and Homopolymer grades. A dimensionally stable material with good electrical properties and abrasion resistance.

    Grades: POM-C, POM-H

    Common trade names: Delrin

Phenolic (PF)

  • Grades: SRBP, SRBF, other proprietory grades

    Common trade names: Tufnol, Trespa


  • Grades: UPVC, CPVC
  • Common trade names: Darvic, Simona
  • PVC is rated Self-Extinguishing, has an exceptional chemical resistance with high mechanical and tensile strength.

Acrylic (PMMA)

  • Grades: cast, extruded, co-extruded, impact modified

  • Common trade names: Perspex


Polycarbonate (PC)

  • Grades: UV resistant, hard-coat, recycled, static dissipative

  • Common trade names: Makrolon, Lexan

  • Makrolon ® Lexan ® Engineering Plastics: Used for machine guards and shrouds, available in clear, opal and tinted also specialist Abrasion and UV resistant grades available.

Polypropylene (PP)

  • A very versatile engineering plastic that has many advantages, namely acid resistance, light weight with high impact resistance.

  • Grades: PPC, PPH, EPP

  • Common trade names:
    Polystone, Priplak, Mylar


  • Good chemical resistance with a temperature range -30°C to +150°C

Nylon (PA)

  • Grades: PA6, PA66, PA12, other proprietory grades

  • Available in Clear, Opal and many colours, extensively used for Point of Sale and Display applications

  • Also available in Engraving Laminates

  • A range of 2 or 3 ply laminates in many different colours.


  • Polyethylene (LDPE, HDPE, HMWPE, UHMWPE

  • A range of polyofins also referred to as PE300, PE500 and PE1000. Used in various applications from pipe fittings, wear strips to conveyor systems in food processing environments


  • A range of grades available Including Extruded and Cast Nylon 6, Nylon 66, MOS2 (Molybdenum Disulphide) filled.

Styrene (PS)

  • Grades: HIPS

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