Laser Cutting

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Laser cutting is a non-contact form of cutting that uses a focused laser beam to cut a variety of plastic materials cleanly.

When you need state-of-the-art laser cutting and laser profiling services, our CNC-controlled plastic laser cutting machinery will deliver.

We laser cut acrylic, mylar, polypropylene, polyester, and several thin film laminates including printed membrane switch materials.




Laser cut acrylic has a fine polished edge. Clear, frosted and tinted materials give the best edge results.

All colours, including solids, can be cut with an extremely fine level of detail. In our experience, the best results are achieved when laser cutting the Perspex and Plexiglas brands of acrylic.

We recommend these brands highly due to their consistency, quality and colour range availability.

We do cut other brands of acrylic when a customer has a specific colour requirement and so our cutting experience includes material from all major suppliers including Mylar and Melinex.



Polypropylene is a flexible, durable and clean plastic. The practical thickness limit for laser cutting polypropylene is much more restricted than acrylic.

Acceptable results are achievable on relatively thin sections and the best results are achieved using material less than 1mm thick.

For thicker polypropylene components we advise CNC routing as our recommended process. In spite of the thickness limitation we have seen significant growth in applications specifying thin section laser cut polypropylene.



Polyester Film

Laser cut polyester film has a number of applications in industry.

Laser cutting can be a better approach to processing these materials that stamping or die cutting.

In our experience, this applies when a cut pattern is intricate, when the components are large, or when the ability to adjust design is important.


Plastics We Can Laser Cut

Our range of machines are designed specifically for laser cutting plastic. They allow us to process the following material and thickness combinations:


Plastics We Can Laser Cut


0.5mm film to 50mm thick block


Mylar – from 0.1mm to 1.0mm


Polypropylene – up to 1.2mm



Key Benefits of Laser Cut Plastic:


Quick and efficient cutting


High-quality cut finish


Low-cost set ups & no tooling costs


Highly intricate cut patterns can be achieved


The ability to change component designs easily



Applications for our Laser-Cutting Services


Laser cutting of industrial components for a variety of industries


Contract manufacture of finished acrylic products for product marketers


Cutting of retail display components and stands for designers and shop fitters


Subcontract laser cutting of acrylic profiles for screen printers


Subcontract laser cutting of acrylic profiles for plastic fabricators


Other Plastics

The above are the three most common laser cut plastics. We have experience in laser cutting other plastic materials and we have worked with a number of suppliers in developing laser cutting as a processing option for their plastic material.